For all your brewery needs

We are a producer of mini-breweries and components such as automatic KEG barrels, manual bottle fillers, CIP stations and more. We also offer complete supplies for mini-breweries. Our technology has long been tested in the Mazák (in Dolní Bojanovice) and Zlínský švec (in Zlín - Malenovice) breweries. There you can see the technology at work personally upon request.

As a company, we focus on the complete supply of mini-brewery products.
Our foundation dates back to 2014 when the Bohemia Mini Breweries company was founded. The establishment of the company was the result of years of development of brewing technology for home breweries. Our production of beer has led us to a concept of a simple, user-friendly brewhouse and other process-related components of the mini-brewery. Today, we produce and supply a wide range of brewing components (boilers, open fermentation tanks and other tanks, washers, filling stations, CIP stations, etc.). During the construction of a mini-brewery, we work with companies specializing in refrigeration, heating and wiring. Due to the different conditions of individual installations, we approach each project individually and with regards to the functionality of individual requirements. Our main goal is above all customer satisfaction, so we approach each customer individually, follow their specific requirements and constantly strive to improve our technology. Proof of this is the number of awards we have received for the quality of beer brewed in our Mazák brewery.

Awards and certificates